Tango – Incident Control Unit

Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue

- Tango – Incident Control Unit -


    This custom made Incident Control Unit is a Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 LWB to replace our ageing Transit. The project took 3 years and £67,000 to complete

New Incident Control Unit – Tango

In January 2017, the team took delivery of its new Incident Control Unit as a replacement for its trusty, but ageing (16 years old), Tweed Tango Ford Transit.

The Incident Control Unit is very much the hub of all activity during search and rescue incidents and particularly comes into its own in some of the more remote areas that we cover. The new vehicle will give the team a much better facility for responding to all of the many different types of incidents that we as a Mountain Rescue team can become involved in. The new vehicle, a Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 Long Wheel Base, will give the team improved mobility and wider communications cover. We will also be able to employ updated incident management technology and provide better welfare facilities for our volunteers.

In the summer of 2014, faced with rising maintenance costs of our aging Incident Control Unit, the Team’s Committee provided a mandate to initiate a project to design, cost and build a new Incident Control Unit.

A working group of 10 Team Members was established and over a number of meetings, we began to draft up a specification document which outlined what we expected to be a feature of the new vehicle. At the same time as the requirements were being drawn up, the Team began work on fundraising for the vehicle. With only rough estimates from other Mountain Rescue Teams (who had recently undergone similar projects) as to what the potential cost of the new vehicle might be, a fundraising target of £60,000 was set

In order to fund the new vehicle, Tweed Valley MRT set up a crowd funding page which raised over £5,000 towards the vehicle. The team were also lucky enough to be selected as the Sainsbury’s Peebles Charity of the Year which added over £6,000 to the project. In addition to all of the countless individual donations TVMRT were very lucky to be awarded near £25,000 of grants towards the Project from EDF Energy, Peebles Roundtable, The Robertson Trust, Selkirk Inner Wheel, Selkirk Rotary and SSE Energy.

A number of local people carried out specific fundraising for the Project; Tweed Valley local Tom Nash who completed the Rat Race Crossing, a 312km, 5250m ascent, off road mountain bike coast to coast from Whitehaven to Scarborough over three days. In total Tom raised over £1500. As well as Tom’s efforts, Lauderdale Scout Dylan Theedam-Parry raised over £500 when he set himself a goal to run at least a mile a day every day for 50 days no matter the weather.

Without the grants mentioned above and the many generous donations from members of the public this project simply couldn’t have been completed in the same timescales

Vehicle Details –

  • Make: Mercedes
  • Model: 316 CDI Long Wheel Base High Roof 4×4
  • Entered Service: 1st Jan 2017
  • Specifications: Ambulance and Incident Control Unit (Custom Built)
  • Capacity 4 persons
  • Cost: £67,000