Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue

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    The Team on Bankside Training


The Team is a Charity and has to raise all of the funds it requires itself. It currently takes about £30,000 to cover the Team’s operational expenses for one year. Over the last 6 years, mountain rescue teams across Scotland have received some support from the Scottish Government, although this is not sufficient to cover all of the expenses of running the team, and is not guaranteed for the future.


As a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO), we work hard to raise as much money as we can from a variety of sources for our worthwhile and very necessary services. This is particularly important, as we have to raise funds through our own initiative. Financial help, from whatever source, and for however much someone can afford, is always gratefully received and put to good use.


    Winter Training in Glencoe


    One of our team Land Rovers


If you would like to make a donation to Tweed Valley MRT there are three easy ways to do so:

  1. Online through Virgin Money Giving.
  2. By Cheque or Postal Order
  3. Direct Money Transfer or Standing Order

If you are a tax payer, Gift Aid enables the Team to reclaim up to 28p for every pound donated from the Inland Revenue at no cost to the giver. This means that £50 can be turned into £64 through Gift Aided donations. Please consider Gift Aiding your donation to further increase its benefit to us.

If donating through Virgin Money Giving, Gift Aid will be claimed as part of the online process, if donating though other methods please complete this Gift Aid Claim Form.

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